Close to nature and surrounded by farmland, woodland, rivers and fells.

Sizergh Caravan and Camping is the perfect spot for nature-loving guests. You won’t even have to leave the site to spot flora and fauna.

Low Sizergh Farm Trail

Some of our hedgerows are at least 400 years old and contain many species of wild plant. You can see swallows swooping here in the summer as they head for the cow pastures looking for insects.

Further along the trail, the ancient woodland is called Low Park Wood. It contains some magnificent mature oak trees. Some of the branches are dying off but these are left on the tree to provide wildlife habitats. Dead wood is an important food source for many insects and provides nest sites for birds.

Look out for inhabitants of our stone walls too. A traditional feature of the area, these were built in the early 1800s. The outer stones enclose a centre of rubble, capped with top stones called ‘cams’. They provide habitat for lichens, lizards and ladybirds.

Wildlife Reserves

When you do venture off-site, you’ll find steep fells, rolling fields, forests and wetlands with all manner of plant and animal life.

There are multiple groups in the Lake District who work to conserve and protect our natural environment, including the National Trust and the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

The Cumbria Wildlife Trust operates 44 nature reserves, 38 of which are open to the public. They are some of the best places for spotting animals, birds, and plant life. Additional reserves operated by the National Trust and RSPCA make Cumbria and the Lake District a paradise for nature lovers.

Fowlshaw Moss is home to a huge variety of Flora and Fauna. Lizards and snakes can be found in the summer months, feeding on the verdant insect population. While Howe Ridding Wood is an ancient woodland with an exceptionally rich and interesting range of flowering plants. Part of the nature reserve is a traditional orchard with Westmorland damson and apple trees. Both are a short drive from the caravan and campsite.

Animal Life

Cumbria is one of the few remaining areas in Britain where you can spot the elusive Red Squirrel. The National Trust’s Allan Bank in Grasmere is home to a population of Red Squirrels as is the forest around Aira Force Waterfall, Ullswater. The Westmorland Red Squirrel Group has also informed us that they are making a return around Sizergh, please do let us know if you spot one – or more – while staying with us.

Thanks to conservation efforts, once-seldom seen Otters have become an increasingly common sight in the Lake District’s rivers. Several families of Otters have been spotted nesting on the banks of the River Kent and at the Wreay Woods nature reserve.

Burrowing animals such as Stoats, Voles, Badgers and Pine Martens can be found throughout Cumbria’s woodland. You might spot their tracks and holes if you’re out walking.

Bird Life

Many smaller birds, such the Greater Spotted Woodpecker and the Redstart can be spotted in wooded areas. Rare wetland-loving birds such as the Marsh Harrier and the Bittern can be found at the Leighton Moss reserve.

In the heart of the Lake District, the woodland around Bassenthwaite Lake is home to a family of rare Ospreys, which can also be observed through telescopes and binoculars at Dodd Wood’s Osprey viewing platforms.


Our plant life changes with the seasons. In spring, expect to see carpets of bluebells in the local woods and on our farm trail. Made famous by poet William Wordsworth, daffodils bloom by the lakes and make a moving sight growing in village churchyards and along the banks of rivers and streams.

In summer, wildflowers bloom and attract thousands of insets, including butterflies, dragonflies and bees.

Rare plants and insects thrive in Cumbria’s wet environment. The damp forests are home to plant species like Enchanter’s Nightshades. Latterbarrow Reserve’s large number of wildflowers, such as fragrant orchids and fields of yellow cowslips makes it a haven for insect life.

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Enjoy our farm setting, proximity to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks, the award-winning farm shop and café, and raw milk straight from our herd.

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