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Take in the natural rhythms of farm life during your stay

Sizergh Caravan and Camping is sited on the southern edge of the Lake District near Kendal.

Cumbria is home to some of Britain’s oldest farms and agricultural traditions, and records show that there’s been a farm on the Low Sizergh site since the 13th century. Our family farm is an organic dairy farm. 341 acres in total, it’s home to a cross bred dairy herd of Holsteins, Swedish Reds and Montbeliardes – as well as a flock of 200 sheep.

The caravan and camp site provides a unique perspective of life on the farm. Wander up the lane and you’ll find the 17th century Westmorland stone barn, which houses our farm shop and café, Low Sizergh Barn. Head down the field and you will pick up our farm trail, which weaves down to the pond, through the farm’s fields and into the woods – passing the cows and hens in the fields and the vegetable plots at Growing Well.

We also offer raw milk from a vending machine just yards from our milking parlour, where you can fill glass bottles with fresh organic milk straight from the herd. The herd is certified organic due to their 100% organic, GM free, grass-based diet. The feed the cows eat is never sprayed with chemical fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides, and their raw milk is unpasteurised (not heat-treated) and not homogenised (it has a cream line). It’s an un-processed food that is naturally flavoured by the pasture the cows are grazing.

The Low Sizergh herd

Happy animals create a healthy yield. All of our cows have been bred and reared by us. They graze the fields in the summer but sleep undercover between November and March, eating silage made from grass and other crops grown on the farm. With rubber-floored cubicles to sleep in, plenty of water to drink and scratching brushes for comfort, they winter in the cow building until the weather picks up.

The Low Sizergh flock

Our previous flock was only 20 sheep, which were used to graze our orchards. More recently, we’ve increased that number tenfold to 200. The increase was in response to requests from the owners of nearby parkland in front of Sizergh Castle and Sedgwick House who were keen for sheep-only grazing. The sheep can graze our land during the wetter, winter months so you’ll see them in and around the farm fields. Lambing time starts on April Fools’ Day so look out for the lambs if you’re visiting in late Spring.

Farming for wildlife

We work to create wildlife habitats to benefit both the surrounding environment and our produce and crops. Many miles of hedgerow, for example, are managed to keep the cows and sheep in the fields, but also to provide homes for birds, bats and beetles that thank us for our hospitality by feeding on the pests that damage our crops.

We use clover leys to provide nitrogen for grass growth and employ methods such as crop rotation to help with weed control and build soil fertility. Recycled wastes like compost and farmyard manures also enrich the soil and encourage growth.

Our Guests say...

Enjoy our farm setting, proximity to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks, the award-winning farm shop and café, and raw milk straight from our herd.

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